Quality-Diversity through AI Feedback

Herbie Bradley*, Andrew Dai*, Hannah Teufel, Jenny Zhang, Koen Oostermeijer, Marco Bellagente, Jeff Clune, Kenneth Stanley, Grégory Schott, Joel Lehman
ICLR 2024
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Quality Diversity through Human Feedback

Li Ding, Jenny Zhang, Jeff Clune, Lee Spector, Joel Lehman
NeurIPS 2023: ALOE Workshop (Spotlight)
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OMNI: Open-endedness via Models of human Notions of Interestingness

Jenny Zhang, Joel Lehman, Kenneth Stanley, Jeff Clune
ICLR 2024
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Good Time to Ask: A Learning Framework for Asking for Help in Embodied Visual Navigation

Jenny Zhang, Samson Yu, Jiafei Duan, Cheston Tan
International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots (UR) 2023
Best Paper Award
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Perceptive Locomotion with Controllable Pace and Natural Gait Transitions Over Uneven Terrains

Daniel C.H. Tan*, Jenny Zhang*, Michael (Meng Yee) Chuah, Zhibin Li
arXiV 2023
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Thesis and Dissertation

Competition between Smart Mobility Platforms

Jenny Zhang
BEng Thesis 2021 - Imperial College London
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